Liturgy & Devotions

Altar Servers

Parish members who assist the priest at Mass on the weekends and holy days.

Art and Environment

Parishioners who are charged with maintaining the environment in the worship space

Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion

Confirmed parishioners who distribute communion to the assembly at our weekend Masses.  Training sessions are offered several times throughout the year and a flexible schedule is available.


Are men and women of our parish who ensure the safety and well-being of all who worship with us each week.  They assist with those who have disabilities find seating, help those who fall ill, and guide those needing directions.  They are importent to maintaing a reverent and peaceful atmosphere.


Adults and teens who proclaim the "Word of the Lord" each week.  New members are always welcome.

Mass Coordinators

Parishioners who assist the Director of Liturgy & Music with the overall set-up and coordinating of ministers at each Mass.  They are an invaluable key to a prayer-filled, well-planned and executed Liturgy






Vicar Fr. Thomas Kadukappillil
‭+1 (908) 235-8449‬
Asst. Vicar Fr. Melvin Mangalath Paul
+1 (410) 206-2690


Alwin Shikkore
+1 (630) 274-5423
George Ampalathumkal
+1 (312) 912-1762
Johny Vadukumcherry
+1 (847) 293-5600
Jose Kolenchery
+1 (847) 529-8993
Justin Kadavil
+1 (630) 687-5464


5000 Saint Charles Rd, Bellwood, IL, USA, 60104

Phone: +1 (708) 665-5000
Phone: +1 (708) 544-7250
Fax :    +1 (708) 688-1040


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