School of Languages

The Syro Malabar Cathedral Parish has a Malayalam School, engaged in teaching the children of the migrants from Kerala, the basics of the language Malayalam spoken by their parents.

The School was started in 1992 for the children born here in the United States, to get them acquainted with the language of their parents. The School teaches the children to read and write the alphabets and to understand and communicate in the language and encourages the children to speak in Malayalam in the School and at home.

There are about 15 teachers 6 Teaching Assistants and 4 reserve teachers who volunteer their time and energy, to teach our children the basics of the language and inculcate in them and make them aware of the rich traditions of our culture. Besides textbooks, internet and other audiovisual materials are used in the class room. Regular screening of Malayalam movies and seminars and discussions on Indian History, Geography and Culture are held.

The children are grouped into eight grades, from Pre-KG to Graduating level, depending on their level of competency in the language. Classes are held every Sunday for an hour. Regular evaluation of their progress in the language skills is done and final examinations are held at the end of the academic year.

We feel proud that hundreds of students have taken advantage of this opportunity and have successfully graduated from the School for the last 28 years.

In the academic year 2014-15 had the highest number of registrations, a total of 180 students were enrolled.

Language is more than just a means of communication.   It influences our culture and even our thought processes. It is the language that unites the people. The basic identity of the people of Kerala is the language they speak which is Malayalam. The Malayalee community forms the largest Indian ethnic community in North America.

Administrative Staff

Patrons:  Mar Jacob Angadiath (Bishop) & Mar Joy Alappat (Aux. Bishop of St. Thomas Syro Malabar Catholic Diocese of Chicago)

Director: Rev. Fr. Thomas Kadukapilly, ph: (908)235-8449

Asst. Director: Rev. Fr. Kevin Mundackal, ph: (914) 648-8369

Principal: Rosamma Joseph Theneyaplackal, ph (224)628 0443

Vice Principal: Jojo Venganthara, ph (847) 924-0855

IT Contact: Jinesh T. Mathew, ph (847) 682-2102



Vicar Fr. Thomas Kadukappillil
‭+1 (908) 235-8449‬
Asst. Vicar Fr. Melvin Mangalath Paul
+1 (410) 206-2690


Brian Kuncheria
+1 (847) 708-8262
Dina Puthenpurakal
+1 (630) 777-6424
Johny Vadukumcherry
+1 (847) 293-5600
Paul Vadakara
+1 (708) 307-1122
Raji Mathew
+1 (630) 404-7200
Shenny Paul
+1 (630) 923-5956


5000 Saint Charles Rd, Bellwood, IL, USA, 60104

Phone: +1 (708) 665-5000
Phone: +1 (708) 544-7250
Fax :    +1 (708) 688-1040


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