Liturgy & Devotions

Liturgy & Devotions

When you come to church , Greeters welcome you as you enter. Lectors proclaim God’s Word. Altar servers assist the priests and deacons during the celebration. Mass coordinators ensure everything goes smoothly.  Various musical elements bring the liturgy to life.These are just a few of the groups that make it possible for us to have beautiful, faith-filled celebrations here at St, Thomas Syro Malabar Church. Called the Liturgical Ministries, the following organizations play an active role in enhancing the various worship services we celebrate throughout the year.

Liturgy & Devotions

Altar Servers

Parish members who assist the priest at Mass on the weekends and holy days.

Art and Environment

Parishioners who are charged with maintaining the environment in the worship space

Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion



Vicar Fr. Augustine Palackaparambil
+1 (714) 800-3648
Asst. Vicar Fr. T. A. Nicholas SDB
+1 (630) 822-1905
Asst. Vicar Fr. Kevin Mundackal
+1 (914) 648-8369


George Ampalathumkal
+1 (312) 912-1762
Joseph Kanikunnel
+1 (773) 603-5660
Luke Chirayil
+1 (630) 808-2125
Paul Vadakara
+1 (708) 307-1122
Siby Parekat
+1 (847) 209-1142


5000 Saint Charles Rd, Bellwood, IL, USA, 60104

Phone: +1 (708) 544-7250
Phone: +1 (708) 544-6419
Fax :    +1 (708) 688-1040


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